501stCast Episode 46: August 28th, 2009: Did You Miss Us?

Show Notes: Episode XLVI (August 28th, 2009)

We’re finally back after an unplanned hiatus with overdue Comic-Con San Diego news, new Honorary Members, the Robot Chicken on Wheels tour wrap-up, behind the scenes of the new movie “Paul,” and an interview with Lucasfilm artist Jason Sobol. All this plus international mission reports, upcoming events and more!

Hosts: Dean Plantamura (TK-899), Nicky Blum (DZ-8397), Lor (TK-7883) and Joe Stevenson (TK-6064)

Content Development: Dean Plantamura (TK-899), Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post-Production: Chris Martin (TD-9993)

Contributors: Chris Martin (TD-9993)

Recent News

  • New Legion Units
  • Empire Muggs Back Auctions ended (article)
  • 501st TK Helmet Project update
  • Wish Upon The Stars a Clone helmet project in Singapore
  • TK409’s Tour de France
  • Familiar logo in Star Wars Battlefront: Elite Squadron
  • 1st Legion Charity Challenge concludes
  • Makazie One to debut at Dragon*Con
  • 501st Legion members model characters for Star Wars: The Essential Atlas
  • New Honorary Member – Kevin Graham
  • Tom Hodges’ 24-hour draw-a-thon LIVE
  • Star Wars Weddings
  • 501st cameo on Ace of Cakes
  • Zombie Trooper contests
  • 5-0-Burst Trooper at Sideshow’s CCI booth
  • Mythbuster Adam Savage in Stormtrooper armor?
  • 501st Legion members as extras in the movie “Paul”
  • Vote for TK-Cow in Chick-fil-A’s Facebook contest
  • Karen Traviss no longer writing in the Star Wars universe

Mission Reports

  • San Diego Comic Con
  • Robot Chicken Tour
  • Midwest Garrison’s 4th of July parade
  • Taiwan Formosa Outpost attends 6th Annual Taipei Toy Festival
  • Hospital Visits
    • Cloud City Garrison helps Wish Child
    • Ohio Garrison troops at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital
    • Great Lakes Garrison pays a special visit to the ICU
    • Star Garrison’s South Texas Squad visit’s Houston’s Children’s Hospital
    • Mayan Squad visits Benito Juarez Hospital
  • Florida Garrison’s Squad 7 at Ancient City Con
  • Costa Rica Outpost battles the Tolkien Society in Solo Hombres magazine
  • Garrison Tyranus troops with the National Symphony Orchestra and inducts Maestro Kunzel
  • Carolina Garrison helps host a min convention at Wilkes Library
  • New England Garrison goes to bat for the Lowell Spinners
  • Empire City Garrison invades Camp Kiwi
  • Central California Garrison assists with promotions for Star Wars In Concert
  • Kevin J. Anderson & Brian Herbert’s Winds of Dune tour
  • National Night Out with Garrison Tyranus
  • Garrison Excelsior’s 3rd annual SW Night with the Rochester Red Wings
  • Jet Setting Clone Captain in Germany (video 1, video 2)
  • Dutch Garrison at annual Heythuysen Fair

Upcoming Events

  • FanExpo in Toronto – August 28th-30th
  • Star Wars: In Concert tour starting in the US this October
  • Dragon*Con in Atlanta taking place September 4th-7th


  • Shout-Out – Renata Gatti
  • Unit Anniversaries
    • Star Garrison’s Bast Alpha Squad  (now a garrison in its own right) formed 3 years ago on August 17th
    • The 501st’s EU Detachment – Flagship Eclipse also formed 3 years ago on August 17th
    • Back on August 18th 2000 the now 336 member strong German Garrison began it’s Yahoo group.
    • Canadian Garrison (who will celebrate their big 1-0 next month) has a squad who will be celebrating 2 years on August 20th. Happy #2 Capital City Squad.
    • Terror Australis Garrison’s Redbacks and Southern Star Squads both turn 2 on August 20th as well.
  • Honorary Member Birthdays
    • Kevin Smith (Writer, Director, Actor) – August 2nd
    • Ian McDiarmid (Palpatine) – August 11th
    • Roger Carel (French Voice of C-3PO) – August 14th
    • Matthew Wood (Supervising Sound Editor, Voice of Grievous, Bib Fortuna (Episode I)) – August 15th
    • Ray Park (Darth Maul) – August 23rd
    • Kenny Baker (R2-D2) – August 24th
    • Shannon McRandle (Mara Jade) – August 28th
    • Nalini Krishan (Barriss Offee) – August 30th

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