501stCast Episode 57: July 11th, 2010: Storming Comic Con

Show Notes: Episode LVII (July 13th, 2010)

Hosts:  Joe Stevenson (TK-6064 ), Jesse Sharrow TK-9311) and Adam Scott (RC-6124)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397),  Dean Plantamura (TK-899) and Adam Scott (RC-6124)

Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Recent News

  • New Unit: UK Garrison’s Imperial Scottish Squad
  • New Detachment Briefing: Sith Lord Detachment
  • New CRL entries posted at www.501st.com/crl
  • New Honorary Member Induction: Pepe Mediavilla (news, photos)
  • Two new TK Helmet Project submissions
  • Vader Project tour ended and auctioned off (article)
  • Matt Busch‘s Greak Lakes Garrison trading card (Facebook)
  • R2-KT in Clone Wars Encyclopedia
  • Girl Trooping Power
  • Cloud City Garrison on MSNBC (video)
  • Georgia Garrison featured on “What’s the Deal?”
  • Dean interviews co-worker who’s a Star Wars virgin

Mission Reports

  • Mexican Garrison in promo ads for World Cup (YouTube videos)
  • New England Garrison’s trio of troops
    • Trooping for the Trooper Blood Drive
    • Visit to Children’s Hospital
    • Special Birthday Visit
  • Ohio Garrison at Star Wars Wedding
  • Make-A-Wish boy receives Millennium Falcon (article, photos)
  • Ohio Garrison troops with Cincinnati Reds
  • Update on Afonso from last episode

Interview with Star Wars Artist Joe Corroney

Upcoming Events

  • San Diego Comic Con updates from Lesley, TR-3774
  • Star Wars Celebration V updates (ForceCast episode)

Congratulations to Nordic Garrison’s Tina, BH-4706 and her newly-approved 4-LOM costume


Unit Anniversaries

  • 70th Explorers’ Squad 66: The Temple Raiders – 2nd Anniversary on July 1st
  • Southern Cross Garrison – 1st Anniversary on July 1st
  • German Garrison’s Echo Nova Squad – 1st Anniversary on July 5th
  • Alpine Garrison’s Mustafar Squad – 5th Anniversary on July 11th
  • Terror Australis Garrison’s Southern Dewback Squad – 1st Anniversary on July 11th

Honorary Member Birthdays

  • David Prowse – July 1st
  • Terri Hodges – July 3rd
  • Friend of the Legion Milo Ventimiglia – July 8th
  • Sound Wizard Ben Burtt – July 12th
  • Richard LeParmentier – July 16th
  • Fanboy’s Kristen Bell – July 18th
  • Artist Joe Corroney – July 18th
  • Artist Grant Gould – July 18th
  • Mary “Luminara” Oyaya – July 18th
  • Rena “Taun We” Owen – July 22nd
  • Orli “Shaak Ti” Shoshan – July 23rd
  • Anthony “Move Along Trooper” Forrest – July 25th
  • Author Drew Karpyshyn – July 28th

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5 thoughts on “501stCast Episode 57: July 11th, 2010: Storming Comic Con”

  1. The answer to the question was Admiral Conan Antonio Motti. Lucas did this on the Conan O’Brian show. Funny I just read about that last night, strange and fortunate for me.

  2. @ID3437
    Guess I should have put my name too. Duh. Anyways I’m Gaines Tidwell ID3437 and I really hope I got this one right. Thanks for the great show and you’ve got me looking forward to Comicon next week.

  3. Oh no! We’ll have to make it up to her. You know, I think we still owe her her 501stCast t-shirt…

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