501stCast Episode 59: September 29th 2010: Gooood Mornin’ Vietnam!

Show Notes: Episode LIX (September 26th, 2010)

Hosts:  Nicky Blum (DZ-8397), Adam Scott (RC-6124) and Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Adam Scott (RC-6124)

Contributor: Dean Plantamura (TK-899)

Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Recent News

  • New Honorary Member Inductions:
    • LFL’s Pablo Hidalgo
    • Jaime King voice of Aurra Sing from The Clone Wars
    • author Chris Reiff
    • ForceCast hosts Jason Swank and Jimmy McInerney
    • artist Clark Mitchell
    • artist Jamie Snell
    • artist Benjamin Carré
    • actor Alan Flyng
    • Ashley Eckstein voice of Ahsoka Tano
    • Dee Bradley Baker voice of Captain Rex and other Clone Troopers
  • Final tallys for TK Helmet Project
  • Vote for your favorite Star Wars Fan Film (voting is now closed)
  • New unit: Dewback Ridge Garrison
  • Bloodfin Garrison to be interviewed
  • Update on Afonso from Portuguese Lusitanian Outpost

with Dan Wallace, author of The Jedi Path

Mission Reports

  • Celebration V reminisces
  • Ohio Garrison troops for Sam (blog)
  • Cloud City/Garrison Titan at Weird Al concert (photos, video)
  • Garrison Titan troops SpoCon 2010
  • Arkansas Squad troops first baseball game
  • 501st at Will SL 2310’s wedding (photos)
  • New England Garrison at Lowell Spinners Star Wars Day (photos)
  • Outpost Venezuela troop Convention Avalancha (photos)
  • Empire City Garrison help tape 2 episodes of Sci-Fi Science
  • Bast Alpha Garrison visit Children’s Hopital for Health Fair
  • Costa Rica Outpost troops HeroFest
  • Midwest Garrison at Chicago LEGOland Discovery Center for Star Wars Weekend (photos)
  • Empire City Garrison raids Big Spaceship (blog)
  • Empire City Garrison helps DK release Star Wars: Year by Year
  • Carolina Garrison at Librari-Con 2010 (video)
  • New England Garrison participates in Day of Remembrance Blood Drive (photos)
  • Adidas brings the 501st Philippine Outpost to Vietnam
  • Great Lakes Garrison takes the stage with Sugarland (video1, video2, photos1, photos2)
  • New England Garrison/Garrison Carida Armor Build (photos)
  • Brazilian Division Garrison celebrates 30th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back (photos, video)
  • Redback Garrison troops Logan Library Sci-Fi Day (photos)

Upcoming Events

  • Build-a-Bear product release events (Sept 24th-26th)
  • 38th annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta (October 2nd-10th)
  • Great Lakes Garrison in Bed Race to Aid Children (October 17th)

“Proud Father” Kevin in Tampa, Florida


Unit Anniversaries

  • Canadian Garrison – 11th Anniversary – this month
  • Blizzard Force – 5th Anniversary – this month
  • Imperial Gunnery Corps – 5th Anniversary – this month
  • Star Garrison’s Arkansas Crimson Nova Squad – 4th Anniversary – Sept 1st
  • German Garrison’s Custodes Euroi Squad – 4th Anniversary – Sept 1st
  • Mexican Garrison’s Mayan Squad – 2nd Anniversary – Sept 3rd
  • New England Garrison – 9th Anniversary – Sept 7th
  • Star Garrison’s Central Texas Squad – 1st Anniversary – Sept 7th
  • Georgia Garrison’s Ocmulgee Squad – 1st Anniversary – Sept 9th
  • Bast Alpha Garrison – 2nd Anniversary – Sept 19th
  • Czech Outpost – 2nd Anniversary – Sept 19th
  • Badlands Garrison – 5th Anniversary – Sept 21st
  • Nordic Garrison – 9th Anniversary – Sept 29th

Honorary Member Birthdays

  • Adrienne Wilkinson – September 1st
  • Timothy Zahn – September 1st
  • Chris “mc chris” Ward – September 2nd
  • Jay Laga’aia – September 10th
  • Bruce Spence – September 17th
  • Matt Busch – September 22nd
  • Ashley Eckstein – September 22nd
  • Mark Hamill – September 25th
  • Derek Lyons – September 25th 
  • Garrick Hagon – September 27th

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