501stCast Episode 65: June 20th, 2011: now with 75% more Erich

This episode of the 501stCast is dedicated to Jennifer Sedor, TI 9394 from New England Garrison who finished her battle with cancer in April at the age of 37.
This episode is also dedicated to 501st Honorary Member and stuntman Lightning Bear who passed away June 11th.

Show Notes: Episode LXV (June 20th, 2011)

Hosts:  Joe Stevenson (TK-6064), Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Erich Shafer (RC-6124)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Recent News

Mission Reports

Upcoming Events

  • Alpine Garrison organizing 501st in Freedom Festival Grand Parade for 4th of July
  • TrooperFest 2011 – Dearborn, MI from November 11th-13th
  • Star Wars Celebration VI

Congratulations Baron Eagle Eye on reaching your 100th mission

Congratulations to newlyweds Mr. & Mrs. Gordon Gravelese


Unit Anniversaries

April 2011

  • Outpost 42 Garrison – 7th Anniversary in April
  • MidSouth Garrison – 4th Anniversary on April 3rd
  • Star Garrison’s West Texas Squad – 2nd Anniversary on April 6th
  • Turkish Outpost – 3rd Anniversary on April 10th
  • Italica Garrison’s 3T Squad, 77th Alpi Squad, Praetorian Squad and SubZero Squad all turn 3 on April 21st
  • Capital City Garrison – 1st Anniversary on April 25th
  • United Kingdom Garrison’s Imperial Scottish Squad – 1st Anniversary on April 28th

May 2011

  • Empire City Garrison & Southern California Garrison – both turn 12 in May
  • Japanese Garrison – 11th Anniversary in May
  • Imperial Officer Corps Detachment – 8th Anniversary in May
  • Alabama Garrison – 4th Anniversary on May 6th
  • Central Garrison’s Imperial 80th Squad – 5th Anniversary on May 8th
  • Taiwan Formosa Outpost – 5th Anniversary on May 14th
  • Garrison Excelsior – 5th Anniversary on May 15th
  • Mexican Garrison – 5th Anniversary on May 15th
  • Chinese Outpost – 2nd Anniversary on May 15th
  • Terror Australis Garrison’s Knightfall Squad – 2nd Anniversary on May 15th
  • Badlands Garrison’s Outer Rim Squad – 5th Anniversary on May 22nd

June 2011

  • Spanish Garrison – 7th Anniversary in June
  • Cloud City Garrison – 5th Anniversary on June 1st
  • MidSouth Garrison’s Mos Nooga Squad – 2nd Anniversary on June 1st
  • Special Operations Detachment – 6th Anniversary on June 2nd
  • Outpost Venezuela – 3rd Anniversary on June 5th
  • Portuguese Lusitanian Outpost – 4th Anniversary on June 12th
  • Bloodfin Garrison – 9th Anniversary on June 15th
  • Garrison Tyranus – 9th Anniversary on June 22nd
  • Hong Kong Shadow Outpost – 5th Anniversary on June 22nd

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4 thoughts on “501stCast Episode 65: June 20th, 2011: now with 75% more Erich”

  1. The iTunes feed is showing something weird, it is an episode of the TOR Syndicate which has an interview with Legion members it seems.

  2. I like hearing about the up coming events. It is fun to hear what everyone is doing as well as getting some ideas on ways to get togther with the group.

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