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501stCast Minicast: March 29th 2014: Meet the 2014/15 Legion Command Team

Host: Nicky Blum, DZ-8397

GuestsAimee Jorgensen, TB-101; Nick Bishop, TB-6273; Scott Allen, SL-9854;  Adam Baker-Siroty, TB-897 and Dean Plantamura, TK-899

Post-Production: Scott Allen, SL-9854

Listen in as I chat with new and returning Legion Officers for the 2014/15 term.

Discussion highlights:

Legion Officers and Administrators

Social Media Sites: Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr

PR Kit including Blast-A-Trooper and Droid Hunt

new Legion Council forums are now readable by all members

Legion Membership Team recruiting Deputies

Celebration: Anaheim: call for full-sized props

Legion Web Team update in Cabinet Blogs (internal link)

digital Membership Certificates

upgrading the internal worldwide Legion forums, including adding TapTalk

Tour of Duty/Event Database

Open Calls between Legion Web Team and Unit Web Masters

Execute Order 66,000 on Twitter

Imperial Citations and CRL info sheets

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501stCast Episode 80: March 11th, 2014: This is Madness!

Dedicated to:
Larry A. Jehle Jr., TX-8301 of Bast Alpha Garrison

Show Notes: Episode LXXX (March 11th, 2014)

Hosts:  Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Ed Cook (TI-5335)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Contributor: Aaron Sharp (TK-3989)

Post-Production: Scott Allen (SL-9854)

Recent News

  • Legion Elections results (full Officer list)
  • This is Madness – Star Wars bracket tournament
  • First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment’s March Newsletter
  • Star Wars the Clone Wars on Netflix
  • Send your suggestions for topics to, call our hotline at 828-419-0501 or post to our Facebook page.

Mission Reports

  • Empire City Garrison invades Intrepid Air & Space Museum (photos1, photos2)
  • Empire City Garrison helps promote Star Wars Rebels (article/video, article, photo1, photo2)
  • Old Line Garrison takes the stage with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra and George Takei (Facebook photos)
  • Midwest Garrison games at the Dice Dojo (photos)
  • 501st help celebrate achievements at Cub Scout Blue & Golds
  • Dune Sea Garrison trooper goes Over the Edge (Facebook photos)
  • Dutch Garrison troops Boekenbal (Facebook photos)
  • Canadian Garrison fundraises at Toronto Comic Con (news video)
  • Capital City Garrison troops Derick’s Pancake Day
  • Golden Gate Garrison surprises 3 millionth SW:WSMI visitor (photo)
  • Florida Garrison helps fulfill a Wish
  • Garrison Excelsior returns to Hannaford Kidz Expo to support Things of My Very Own

Upcoming Events

Shout Out

  • Dan Beltz, TK-6635, from Garrison Carida! He is Legion Trooper of the Month for December 2013.
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