501stCast Episode 92: February 25th, 2016: Is the armor Blue or Gold?

Show Notes: Episode XCII (February 25th, 2016)

Dedicated to:
Mason Barker, TK-9765 of United Kingdom Garrison
Dennis Bain, ID-5266 of 70th Explorers Garrison
Zac Sotman, TD-6753 of Star Garrison
and Greg Sebran, TI-24244 of Garrison Tyranus (most recently Star Garrison)

Hosts:   Nicky Blum (DZ-8397), Joe (SL-12743) & Marcus (TK-14057)
Guests: Lesley Farquhar (DZ-3774) and Todd Mullin (DZ-8559)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post-Production: Joe Mignano (SL-12743)

Recent News

Mission Reports

  • Singapore Garrison’s Operation: Eagle’s Nest (photo)
  • Outpost Venezuela participated in the Carnaval Run (photos)
  • Empire City Garrison visit Copiague Library
  • Midsouth Garrison reports in
  • Empire City Garrison attends Library MiniCon
  • 70th Explorers Garrison reports in (photo1, photo2)
  • Empire City Garrison troops Blue & Gold Dinners (photos1, photos2)
  • Empire City Garrison attends Dream, Believe, Achieve Children’s Celebration
  • Dutch Garrison attends Orchestra concert (photo)
  • Empire City Garrison attends Library’s Star Wars Celebration (photos)
  • United Kingdom Garrison visits Lukas (photos)
  • Empire City Garrison helps induct Bob Iger during Toy of the Year Gala (photo)
  • Carolina Garrison troops Malachi’s party (GoFundMe page)

Interview Series – Know a Legion
Imperial Sands Garrison: Lesley Farquhar (DZ-3774) and Todd Mullin (DZ-8559)
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Upcoming Events

  • See upcoming 501st events at Roqoo Depot
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens home video release
  • May the Fourth celebrations
  • new Star Wars Lands at the Disney Parks

Shout Out

  • December 2015 Trooper of the Month Steve Welnicke, RC 10136 of Wisconsin Garrison
    • Steven Copeland — TK 81730 — Southern California Garrison
    • Tad Thayer — TB 15237 — Garrison Carida
    • Ted Moy — SL-6298 — Empire City Garrison
    • Clint ‘Mutt’ Land — SL 68888 — Midsouth Garrison
    • Kay Kuestner — TK-21876 — German Garrison
    • Esteban Sanchez Canales — TB 21055 — Spanish Garrison
    • Randy Herman — CC 2127 — Florida Garrison
    • Joel Hamm — TK-8706 — Dune Sea Garrison
    • Kevin Chamberlain — SL 4035 — Redback Garrison
    • Dawn Bright — SL-13377 — Southern California Garrison
    • Sam Newcomer — TK – 54548 — Southern California Garrison
  • Hotline # is 828-419-0501 or email audio to podcast@501st.com

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