501stCast Classics: Episode 9: February 20th, 2008: We’re all FanBoys here

Show Notes: Episode IX (February 20th, 2008, re-released March 3rd, 2021)

Hosts: Dean (TK-899), Varza (DZ-8772) and Rich (IC-9577)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post-Production: Rich Sigfrit (IC-9577) (for original release), Joe Mignano (SL-12743) (for re-release)

Recent News

  • Website reminders
  • Stump the Trooper
  • Star Garrison at photoshoot for FanBoys, plus discussion on FanBoy rumors
  • Great Lakes Garrison in Matt Busch’s How to Draw Star Wars, Season 2 trailer
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars in theatres soon, new costumes for the 501st Legion
  • Matt Wood nominated for Oscar
  • Imperial Knight Ganner Krieg action figure unveiled (Thomas Spanos, Rebelscum archive)
  • Traveling TIE Pilot – Jet Wash
  • Ray Park cast as Snake Eyes
  • New 501st Outpost for Bolivia
  • Music Segment from Nordic Garrison
  • Send your suggestions for topics to podcast@501st.com, call our hotline at 828-419-0501 or post to our Facebook page.

Mission Reports

  • Mexican Garrison helps clean up Tijuana Beach
  • German Garrison enjoys Karneval Season
  • Where Science Meets Imagination traveling museum exhibit stops in Philadelphia PA (photo slideshow)
  • Mountain Garrison’s Dewback Ridge Squad troops blood drive
  • Great Lakes Garrison attends Winter Festival
  • Star Wars: the Exhibition in Brussels

A Different Point of View – Episode 1

Upcoming Events
  • Migennes Collector Convention in France
  • Walks and Marathons coming up
  • PSA from TD-9993
  • Quick Calendar run-down

Shout Out

  • Give-Away/Contest
  • Website reminders

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