501stCast Episode 49: November 27, 2009: Storming the White House

Show Notes: Episode XLIX (November 27, 2009)

Hosts:  Joe Stevenson (TK-6064), Lor (TK-7883) and Bert Montoya (CC-7528)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Recent News

  • Jeremy Bulloch is BH-5211 (video of 1st troop)
  • 501st Legion on The Today Show for Halloween
  • 501st Legion troops for the President
  • Kilometers For Katie – Philadelphia Marathon
  • Build-A-Bear goes to the Dark Side
  • Kenny Baker biography (order link)
  • Dutch Garrison helps with proposal
  • TrooperFest (photos)
    • Cardboard Trooper Build-Off (video)
    • Reading of the Fallen (video)

Mission Reports

  • Costa Rica Outpost in Panama
  • Dutch Garrison at LEGOWorld
  • Star Wars Fan Days III (photos, auction video)
  • New England Garrison’s Woburn Halloween parade (photos, video)
  • Canadian Garrison at CN Tower Climb for United Way
  • Florida Garrison at Star Wars: In Concert performances
  • Midwest Garrison visits Advocate Hope Children’s Hospital
  • Central California Garrison visits Northern California Shriners Hospital
  • Midsouth Garrison’s Mos Nooga Squad performs at Boo-Tastic
  • German Garrison troops at Spangdahlem US Air Force Base
  • Southern Cross Garrison marches in Fishers Ghost Parade
  • Costa Rica Outpost in Heredia’s Fundraiser Parade
  • Portuguese Lusitanian Outpost troops FIBDA 2009 (photos)
  • Carolina Garrison
    • Star Wars: In Concert in Greenville, SC
    • Star Wars promotions for TV’s Wilson’s World (video)
    • SW night with the Bobcats
    • Comic Con Charlotte
    • Star Wars: In Concert in Charlotte, NC
  • Florida Garrison SW: In Concert promo with Panthers
  • New England Garrison SW promo with Boston Celtics
  • New England Garrison SW: In Concert promo with Boston Bruins
  • Ohio Garrison SW promo with Lake Erie Monsters
  • Northeast Remnant Garrison troops with Cub Scouts

Upcoming Events

  • Salvation Army Bell Ringing
  • Toys for Tots toy drives
  • Christmas Parades
  • Star Wars: In Concert performances
  • more Sporting events


  • Shout-Outs
    • Mexican Garrison’s Green Bellies Central Squad
    • Speedy recovery to JT, TK-4291
    • Kudos to Ficker, SL-1183 & Tim, IN-6498

Unit Anniversaries

  • Dutch Garrison (formerly Dutch Outpost) – 9th Anniversary in November
  • Singapore Garrison (formerly Singapore Outpost) – 7th Anniversary in November
  • Florida Garrison’s Everglades Squad – 6th Anniversary on November 18th
  • Italian Garrison (formerly Italian Outpost) – 8th Anniversary on November 22nd
  • Alpine Garrison’s Beggar’s Canyon Squad – 1st Anniversary on November 27th
  • Northeast Remnant Garrison’s Kamino Squad – 1st Anniversary on November 27th

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  1. Hello!!
    sorry for the delay, now in regards to the highest troop….. if we dont get too tecnical about it our OutPost OutPost Bolivia would be the highest Imperial OutPost, being at 13000 ft above sea level!!!!!!
    We do use the “Highest Imperial OutPost” logo 🙂

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