501stCast Episode 62: December 20th 2010: It’s a White Clone Christmas


Show Notes: Episode LXII (December 20th, 2010)

Hosts:  Nicky Blum (DZ-8397), Adam Scott (RC-6124) and Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397), Adam Scott (RC-6124) and Dean Plantamura (TK-899)

Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Recent News

  • final message for Afonso
  • 501stCast minicasts
  • Final TK Helmet Project helmet
  • new Units
    • Imperial Scottish Squad
    • Puerto Rico Garrison
  • Trooper injured in fire
  • HM induction – Nathan Hamill
  • Darth Vader on National Cathedral
  • Top Legion events for 2010

Mission Reports

  • Hong Kong Shadow Outpost attends Orbis Moonwalker
  • New England Garrison at One Man Star Wars Show
  • Portuguese Lusitanian Outpost in Macau
  • Dutch Garrison works with Make-A-Wish
  • Garrison Titan supports local food drive
  • Outpost Argentina celebrates release of Star Wars on DVD
  • Clone Wars Take Over events
    • New England Garrison at Boston Celtics
    • Dune Sea Garrison at Phoenix Coyotes
  • Midwest Garrison in McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  • Central California Garrison supports Coats for Kids
  • Portuguese Lusitanian Outpost visits local hospitals
  • Costa Rica Outpost supports Teleton
  • Holiday Parades
    • Central California Garrison in Modesto’s Festival of Lights Parade
    • New England Garrison in Spirit of the Season Parade
    • Carolina Garrison in Gastonia Christmas Parade
  • Empire City Garrison teams up with Long Island Roller Rebels
  • Midwest Garrison at Toy Con
  • Clone Wars Charity Screenings (New York City, Chicago & Boston)
  • Dutch Garrison troops with Weird Al in Amsterdam
  • Great Lakes Garrison troops local hospital

Upcoming Events

  • Disney’s Very Merry Christmas Parade


Trivia/Giveaway – Photo contest!
Upload your photo with a holiday decorated 501st member to our 501stCast Facebook group page.

Honorary Member Birthdays

  • Ken Colley (Admiral Piett) – December 7th
  • Aaron Allston (Star Wars Author) – December 8th
  • Katie Cook (Star Wars Artist) – December 9th
  • Kari Byron (Mythbusters Cast Member) – December 18th
  • Samuel L. Jackson (Mace Windu) – December 21st
  • Temuera Morrison (Jango Fett, Clone Troopers) – December 26th

Unit Anniversaries

  • Georgia Garrison – 10th Anniversary this month
  • Redbacks Garrison – 1st Anniversary – December 11th (originally formed as a squad in August 2007)
  • Garrison Titan’s Havoc Squad – Newly Formed – December 11th 2010
  • Dune Sea Garrison – 9th Anniversary – December 14th
  • Aurora Borealis Outpost – 5th Anniversary – December 21st
  • Swiss Garrison – 12th Anniversary – December 26th
  • Connecticut Garrison – 5th Anniversary – December 29th
  • Great Lakes Garrison – 3rd Anniversary – December 29th (originally formed as a squad in 2003)
  • Hungarian Outpost – 4th Anniversary – December 30th 
  • Florida Garrison’s Squad Seven – 4th Anniversary – December 30th

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1 thought on “501stCast Episode 62: December 20th 2010: It’s a White Clone Christmas”

  1. Just wanted to give you guys a heads up that Honorary Member Jason Sobol’s birthday was on December 30th.

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