501stCast Episode 63: February 5th, 2011: New Year, Same Dedication to Troopin’!

Show Notes: Episode LXIII (February 5th, 2011)

Hosts:  Joe Stevenson (TK-6064), Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Adam Scott (RC-6124)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Dean Plantamura (TK-899)

Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Recent News

  • Quimb√©, Portuguese Yoda, joins 501st (TX-3788)
  • Final TK Helmet Project helmet’s donation total (closed auction)
  • Steve Sansweet joins Twitterverse (also on Facebook)
  • TK-1564 interviewed (article)
  • Friend of the Legion Joe Zettelmaier recognized (All Things Childish)
  • New Honorary Members
    • Dan Wallace (blog)
    • Nick Gillard
  • Romanian Outpost CO interview
  • New series of 501st trading cards released
  • Stormtroopers on Hawai’i weather forecast (video)
  • 501st Shout Out in Joe Schreiber’s Red Harvest
  • DK Books & LEGO make donations on behalf of the 501st & Rebel Legions(DK Star Wars)
  • Reminder – Legion elections are underway (501st Legion charter)

Mission Reports

  • Garrison Titan supports Toys for Tots – in field report from TD-9993
  • 501st in Disney’s Very Merry Christmas Parade (parade video, Star Tours video)
  • Bloodfin Garrison presents armor to Make-A-Wish teen (video1, video2)
  • Great Lakes Garrison troop Muskegon Lumberjacks 4th annual SW night (photos, Facebook photos, Facebook video)
  • Hong Kong Outpost visit pediatric ward
  • Carolina Garrison at children’s Christmas party
  • Dewback Ridge Garrison visits children at Medical Center
  • Belgian Garrison at Music for Life
  • Empire City Garrison visits Stonybrook hospital (photo)
  • Portuguese Lusitanian Outpost visits Lisbon hospital (video, Facebook video)
  • Georgia Garrison in New Year’s Chick-Fil-A Parade (photos)
  • Hong Kong Shadow Outpost in Time Square for NYE countdown (photo)
  • Dune Sea Garrison in New Year’s Fiesta Bowl Parade (video)
  • Southern California Garrison helps announce SW LEGO miniland exhibit (photos, News10 video, LEGOland video, article)
  • Garrison Titan promotes Where Science Meets Imagination coming to Seattle’s PSC (photos)
  • Garrison Excelsior at Binghamton Senators hockey game (photos)
  • Dewback Ridge Garrison at 1st annual Albuquerque Comic Con
  • Star Garrison at Oklahoma University Basketball with Peter Mayhew (photos1, photos2, R2photos, video, SWblog)
  • Bast Alpha Garrison runs “Shoot the Trooper” at Wizard World New Orleans (video1, video2)
  • New England Garrison supports Blood Drive (photos)

Upcoming Events

  • Great Lakes Garrison supports The One Man Star Wars Show – Feb 24th-26th
  • Great Lakes Garrison at Port Huron Fighting Falcons Star Wars Night – March 12th
  • Canadian Garrison troops Wizard World Toronto – March 18th-20th
  • New England Garrison in St. Patrick’s Day Parade – March 20th
  • Star Wars weekend at The Strong’s National Museum of Play – March 26th-27th
  • Wondercon 2011 coming to San Francisco April 1st-3rd
  • Huge annual LEGOLand Germany event – June 4th-5th

Redback Garrison and those in Cyclone Yasi’s path

Honorary Member Birthdays

  • LFL Artist Randy Martinez – Jan 7th
  • Author Terry Brooks – Jan 8th
  • Star Wars artist Tommy Lee Edwards – Jan 8th
  • Felix Silla Ewokin the Glider – Jan 11th
  • James Earl Jones – Jan 17th
  • Author Matthew Stover – Jan 29th
  • Peter Sumner aka Lt. Pol Treidum – Jan 29th
  • Warwick Davis aka Wicket W. Warrick – Feb 3rd
  • Robot Chicken Creator Seth Green – Feb 8th
  • Composer John Williams – Feb 8th
  • Jeremy Bulloch Boba Fett and BH-5211 – Feb 16th
  • C-3PO Anthony Daniels – Feb 21st

Unit Anniversaries

  • Alpine Garrison – 8th Anniversary in January
  • Icelandic Outpost – 8th Anniversary in January
  • Sith Lord Detachment – 6th Anniversary in January
  • Belgian Garrison’s Prospectors Squad – 2nd Anniversary – Jan 8th
  • Dune Sea Garrison’s Judland Wastes Squad – 3rd Anniversary – Jan 14th
  • Brazilian Division Garrison – 10th Anniversary – Jan 15th
  • Terror Australis Garrison – 7th Anniversary – Jan 18th
  • Mexican Garrison’s Baja Squad – 1st Anniversary – Jan 21st
  • Malaysia-Brunei Outpost – 5th Anniversary – Jan 23rd
  • Timberline Garrison – 1st Anniversary – Jan 29th
  • Old Line Garrison – 7th Anniversary – this month
  • Florida Garrison’s Makaze Squad – 6th Anniversary – this month
  • Garrison Carida – 9th Anniversary – Feb 10th
  • Bolivian Outpost – 3rd Anniversary – Feb 18th
  • Central Garrison’s Minnesota Wolf Pack Squad – 2nd Anniversary – Feb 20th
  • Wisconsin Garrison – 1st Anniversary – Feb 20th
  • Canadian Garrison’s Imperial Fortress Squad – 1st Anniversary – Feb 23rd

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