501stCast Episode 64: March 19th, 2011: Wearing of the Gamorrean Green


Show Notes: Episode LXIV (March 19th, 2011)

Hosts:  Nicky Blum (DZ-8397), Jesse Sharrow (TK-9311) and Adam Scott (RC-6124)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Recent News

Mission Reports

Upcoming Events

Japanese Garrison and those affected by the recent earthquakes and tsunami

Stormtrooper charity print

Gaman video by George Takei

Honorary Member Birthdays

  • Author Steven Barnes – March 1st
  • Jake Lloyd (young Anakin Skywalker) – March 5th
  • Fanboys’ Kyle Newman – March 16th
  • Conceptual Artist Iain McCaig – March 19th
  • Author Kevin J. Anderson – March 27th
  • Julian Glover (General Veers – March 27th

Unit Anniversaries

  • Garrison Titan – 13th Anniversary in March
  • Armored Cavalry Detachment – 9th Anniversary in March
  • Sovereign Protectors Detachment – 9th Anniversary in March
  • 70th Explorers Garrison’s Gateway Squad – 3rd Anniversary on March 2nd
  • Bloodfin Garrison’s Northern Darkness Squad – 3rd Anniversary on March 2nd
  • Dijbouti Outpost – 3rd Anniversary on March 3rd
  • FanWars Garrison – 5th Anniversary on March 8th
  • Rancor Raiders Garrison – 3rd Anniversary on March 8th
  • Belgian Garrison – 9th Anniversary on March 13th
  • Austrian Outpost – 5th Anniversary on March 18th
  • German Garrison’s Arma Candida Squad, Coastal Hammer Squad and White Shadows Squad – all turned 5 on March 18th
  • Empire City Garrison’s Eastern Squad (which is now Garrison Carida) – originally formed 10 years ago on March 20th
  • Empire City Garrison’s New England Squad (now New England Garrison) – originally formed 10 years ago on March 20th
  • Florida Garrison’s Parjai Squad – 5th Anniversary on March 20th
  • Mountain Garrison’s Dewback Ridge Squad (now Dewback Ridge Garrison) – originally formed 5 years ago on March 21st
  • Costa Rica Outpost – 4th Anniversary on March 22nd
  • United Kingdom Garrison – 11th Anniversary on March 23rd
  • Southern California Garrison’s Inland Empire Squad – 2nd Anniversary on March 26th

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  1. Great show guys! I found myself tearing up when hearing the wonderful testimonials. I know, I’m a dork. Keep up the great work.

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