501stCast Episode 66: August 21st, 2011: Just keep swimming…

This episode of the 501stCast is dedicated to Chris Richards, SL-1078 from Garrison Carida. He passed away July 19th and is survived by his wife Abbey, TK-9702 and their three young daughters.

Show Notes: Episode LXVI (August 21st, 2011)

Hosts:  Nicky Blum (DZ-8397) and Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks (ID-8169)

Recent News

Mission Reports

  • Hong Kong & Chinese Outposts attend ACG Honk Kong (photos)
  • Mexican & Great Lakes Garrisons make hospital visits (MG video, GLG photos, GLG video)
  • Austrian Outpost attend Filmharmonie Choir Concert (photos, video, news article1, news article2)
  • New England Garrison inducted into T.C. Restani’s Hall of Fame
  • Empire City Garrison attend Long Island Toy Show
  • Carolina & Georgia Garrisons at Charleston RiverDogs game (photos, video)
  • New England Garrison makes a splash at Waterpark
  • San Diego Comic Con wrap-up
  • Empire City Garrison at Camp Kiwi (photos, video)
  • New England Garrison Skate for Hope (Dave McGrath blog, website)
  • Great Lakes Garrison troops Maker Faire
  • Bast Alpha Garrison vs USS Corsair at Trekwars Bowling Match (video)
  • Carolina Garrison attend Seymour Johnson AFB Family Day (photos)
  • Taiwan Formosa Outpost attends 1st International Baseball Federation World Championship (photos)
  • Great Lakes Garrison storms Sterling Heights Library (Library blog)

Upcoming Events

  • See upcoming 501st events at Roqoo Depot
  • Dragon*Con – Atlanta, GA – Sept 2nd-5th
  • Star Warriors on Blu-Ray
  • Redback Garrison to attend MS Walk – Oct 14th (donation page)
  • TrooperFest 2011 – Dearborn, MI from November 11th-13th

Congratulations to the following Troopers of the Month

  • February 2011 – Valter Santos, TK-3738 from Portuguese Lusitanian Outpost
  • March 2011 – Clint Gilbert, BH-3413 from Star Garrison
  • April 2011 – Matt Mills, TK-5575 from Badlands Garrison
  • May 2011 – Jamie Ladonski, TK-2157 from Central Garrison
  • June 2011 – Tom Kuntz, TI-9767 from Garrison Excelsior

Unit Anniversaries

July 2011

  • 70th Explorers Garrison’s Squad 66: The Temple Raiders – 3rd anniversary – July 1st
  • Southern Cross Garrison – 2nd Anniversary – July 1st
  • German Garrison’s Echo Nova Squad – 2nd Anniversary – July 5th
  • Alpine Garrison’s Mustafar Squad – 6th Anniversary – July 11th 
  • Terror Australis Garrison’ s Southern Dewback Squad – 2nd Anniversary – July 11th

August 2011

  • Monaco Outpost – 9th Anniversary in August
  • Flagship Eclipse Detachment – 5th Anniversary – August 17th
  • German Garrison – 11th Anniversary – August 18th
  • Capital City Squad (now a Garrison) – originally formed 4 years ago on Aug 20th
  • Redback Garrison – originally formed their squad 4 years ago on Aug 20th
  • Southern Cross Garrison – originally formed their squad 4 years ago on August 20th
  • Mexican Garrison’s The Green Bellies Central Squad – 2nd Anniversary – Aug 21st
  • Wisconsin Garrison – originally formed their squad 4 years ago on Aug 22nd 
  • Ohio Garrison – 8th Anniversary – Aug 31st

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