501stCast MiniCast: July 24th 2012: Shoot-A-Trooper at CVI

Show Notes: Learn all about Shoot-A-Trooper at CVI to benefit The Peter Mayhew Foundation

Host: Nicky Blum, DZ-8397

Special Guest:  Scott Allen, SL-9854; Jeff Kent, TK-5738 and Peter & Angie Mayhew

Post-Production: Andy Fairbanks, ID-8169

Listen in as we interview Scott, SL-9854; Jeff, TK-5738 plus Peter & Angie Mayhew to learn all about the new game for Star Wars Celebration VI called Shoot-A-Trooper that will be benefiting The Peter Mayhew Foundation.

Discussion highlights:

Star Wars Celebration

Shoot-A-Trooper Commercial
Behind the Scenes

The Peter Mayhew Foundation
Peter & Angie’s books for children


Princess Leah’s story

Galactic Academy

How to volunteer (501st members only)

Shoot-A-Trooper on Facebook



Peter Mayhew Foundation donation page

Member only 501st Shoot-A-Trooper merchandise (t-shirt thread)

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