501stCast Episode 110: June 20th, 2018: Celebrating Solo

Show Notes: Episode CX (June 20th, 2018)

Dedicated to:
Line Celeste Mikkelborg, DS 6279 from Nordic Garrison
and Christian John Collins, TX 51695 from 70th Explorers Garrison

Hosts: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397), Joe Mignano (SL-12743) & Marcus Dohring (TK-14057)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post-Production: Joe Mignano (SL-12743)

Recent News

Mission Reports

  • Brazilian Division Garrison reports:
    • Autism Awareness Day (photos)
    • Ca├žapava anniversary parade (photos)
    • Walk for Anna (photos)
    • Army Cadets Academy Mother’s Day event (photos)
    • Solo pre-premiere event (photos)
    • Children’s Hospital visit (photos)
  • Alaskan Garrison’s month Providence Hospital visit (photos)
  • Charity Walks:
    • Alaska Garrison at Anchorage Heart Walk (photos)
    • Empire City Garrison at March of Dimes March for Babies Walk (photo)
    • Empire City Garrison at Take Steps for Crohn’s & Colitis Walk (group photo)
    • 70th Explorers Garrison at Great Strides for Cystic Fibrosis Walk (photo)
    • Empire City Garrison at Great Strides Walks in Wantagh (photo) & Long Island, NY (photo)
  • Alaskan Garrison at Anchorage Promise Kids Day (photos, 360* video)
  • 70th Explorers Garrison troop for Evan (video by Hospital)
  • Empire City Garrison on GMA with Ron Howard (video, Selfie)
  • Alaskan Garrison at Alaska Native Medical Center (photos) & Soldotna Public Library (photos) for May the Fourth
  • Costa Rica Garrison’s May the Fourth (photo) & Revenge of the 5th events (photos)
  • CHOC Hospital video featuring TK-61490
  • Dune Sea Garrison’s Phoenix Children’s Hospital Visit (Darth Angel’s feelings chart)
  • Empire City Garrison troops Mets Star Wars Night (jumbotron photo)
  • Solo A Star Wars Story premiere events
  • Sad News from Costa Rica Garrison (Felipe’s training video)
  • LEGOland invasions (Germany group photo video, Imperial Sands Garrison AT-AT photo)
  • Midwest Garrison invades Joliet Public Library (pre-event article, group photo)
  • Empire City Garrison helps with Disney trip presentation (article, GoFundMe, photo)
  • Solo Round Table

Upcoming Events

Shout Out

  • Shout-out to Scott, TK-62000 from Bloodfin Garrison on his 100th troop!
  • Hotline # is 828-419-0501 or email audio to podcast@501st.com

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