501stCast Classics: Episode 5: December 25th, 2007: Blast from Christmas Past

Show Notes: Episode V (December 25th, 2007, re-released December 7th, 2018)

Hosts: Dean (TK-899), Lor (TK-7883) and Nicky (DZ-8397)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post-Production: Rich Sigfrit (IC-9577) (for original release), Joe Mignano (SL-12743) (for re-release)

Recent News & Upcoming Events

  • MySpace page challenge
  • National Anthem by CT-8595 on guitar (video)
  • West Michigan Whitecaps team honored for Star Wars Night
  • 50 Nerdy Things to do Before You Die – #12: Join the 501st! (blog)
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Twas the Night Before Christmas – Star Wars style
by Tracy, TK-9612

Mission Reports

  • Costa Rica Outpost at Panama’s Star Wars Expo (photo – TK 0.5 & Peter Mayhew)
  • Dewback Ridge Squad & Georgia Garrison troop Toys for Tots events

Shout Out

  • Anniversary/Milestones
    • Connecticut Garrison – 2nd Anniversary
    • Hungarian Outpost – 1st Anniversary
    • Florida Garrison’s Squad Seven – 1st Anniversary
  • Trivia Question/Give-away
  • Our Christmas Song to You

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