501stCast Episode 114: February 6th, 2019: C-3P0’s a tease

Show Notes: Episode CXIV (February 6th, 2019)

Dedicated to:
Cody Parker, TK 80127, of Mountain Garrison and
Elizabeth Barraza, TB 93474 from Star Garrison.

Hosts: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397), Joe Mignano (SL-12743), Marcus Dohring (TK-14057) & Jamie Tobitt (SL-67076)

Content Development: Nicky Blum (DZ-8397)

Post Production: Joe Mignano (SL-12743)

Recent News

Mission Reports

  • Alaskan Garrison
    • First Friday in Juneau (photo)
    • Providence Hospital visit (photos)
    • Toys for Tots drive with Cub Scouts (photos)
  • Empire City Garrison
  • Dewback Ridge Garrison invades Albuquerque Comic Con
  • Imperial Sands Garrison troops San Diego Gulls Star Wars Night
  • Forteresse Imperiale Garrison invades Shawicon (group photo)
  • Garrison Excelsior attends Star Wars: In Concert – Empire Strikes Back
  • Midsouth Garrison troops 11th annual Lipscomb University SW Night

Upcoming Events

Shout Out

  • How to get your news added to the 501stCast.
  • Shout-out to Ian, TK 23650 from United Kingdom Garrison – our October 2018 Trooper of the Month.
  • Hotline # is 828-419-0501 or email audio to podcast@501st.com

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2 thoughts on “501stCast Episode 114: February 6th, 2019: C-3P0’s a tease”

  1. Hello
    I am from the fortress imperial garrison ,in quebec canada
    Ever since joining 501st
    Back in June of last year I’ve been listening to most of your podcast I was very happy to hear my Garrison being mentioned in the latest podcast I am encouraging our members to take note and to provide more events in your news feed for the future thank you again for all that you were done

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